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TermWeb 4.0.6-hotfix4 (4 April 2021)


1. For now it will be impossible to select export settings which never been used for export job.

2. For now export job will run always as client administrator, before in some situations it may run as normal user.

3. Restored possibility to delete scheduled jobs.

Image Added

  • [TWC-1549] Performance problem when quick import fails to complete successfully.

TermWeb 4.0.6-hotfix3 (3 March 2021)


  • [TWC-1476] - Support for old numeric URLs. Like:

    Code Block
  • [TWC-1544, TWDESK-2805] - E-Mail notifications Enable TLS (SSL)
    We’ve added support of STARTTLS command to TermWeb for smtp connections:


false default

If true, enables the use of the STARTTLS command (if supported by the server) to switch the connection to a TLS-protected connection before issuing any login commands. If the server does not support STARTTLS, the connection continues without the use of TLS; see the email.starttls.required property to fail if STARTTLS isn't supported. Note that an appropriate trust store must configured so that the client will trust the server's certificate.


false default

If true, requires the use of the STARTTLS command. If the server doesn't support the STARTTLS command, or the command fails, the connect method will fail.

  • [TWC-1546, TWDESK-1749] - Add possibility to open images from preview in new tab. Allow to user play audio file.

For small audio files (less than 5MB) TermWeb will show element for playing audio file.

For small audio files (less than 5MB) TermWeb will show element for playing audio file.

Bug fixes

  • [TWC-1167] - Adding another term should make cursor focus on new set of term fields

  • [TWC-1171, TWDESK-1571] - Fixed problem with client mapping for external system administrators.

  • [TWC-1277] - Duplicate icons in Search Bar

  • [TWC-1424] - Language replace fails with Orthographical Variant

  • [TWC-1447, TWDESK-2203] - Term field not right-aligned for Right-to-left languages

  • [TWC-1510, TWDESK-2328] - Export users and groups to file not working

  • [TWC-1511, TWDESK-2329] - Region values not shown in Filters in some cases

  • [TWC-1516] - Users: Not able to edit user Role without changing password

  • [TWC-1520, TWDESK-972] - Reorder and rename fields sent to XTM

We updated order of XML attributes sent by TermWeb term decoration service. But XTM don’t preserve attributes order (like many XML processing engines) while processing term decoration response.

  • [TWC-1521] - Views: Concept ID and Term ID still visible

  • [TWC-1524] - Excel export fails with message it can't create sheet with empty name

  • [TWC-1525, TWDESK-2396] - Relationships: Graphs not displaying correctly

  • [TWC-1526, TWDESK-2583] - api.stem.german.filter.factory.class required field error

This value was required by default. And administrators needed to provide it in configuration

It will fix automatically failed state of database in case when previous upgrade was launched on MySQL 5.7

  • [TWC-1529, TWDESK-2662] - Workflow: "Created by" user condition not triggering Post-functions

  • [TWC-1530, TWDESK-2616] - API Templates: Templates can't be deleted

  • [TWC-1538, TWDESK-2699] - Updating multivalue field in Dictionary structure does not update field values when using custom separator ( setting multivalued.separator)

  • [TWC-1541] - List of Scheduled jobs cached when switching between clients.

  • [TWC-1542, TWDESK-2748] - Not all Concepts added to Staging Area from term list results when Filter returning Concepts in use.

  • [TWC-1543] - Impossible to unset View in Section editor

  • [TWC-1547] - Impossible to edit file contents for non image files

TermWeb 4.0.6-hotfix2 (8 January 2021)


  • [TWC-1446] - Attachments are not imported into File Repository (multi-tenant installations only).

  • [TWC-1488] - Empty lines in Excel (.xlsx) exports.

  • [TWC-1393] - Can not set Section for Workflows unless User can see Section.

  • [TWC-1512] - Filter: Region Empty / Not Empty cannot be saved.

  • [TWC-1517] - Incorrect handling of lower/upper case regional codes.

  • [TWC-1519] - Filters: Saved Region reverts to first Region in list when reopening filter.

  • [TWC-1492] - Memory leaks in search with symbols from extended latin range.

  • [TWC-1300] - Groups: Incorrect hover over message displayed over "Session Timeout" and "Change password".

  • [TWC-1471] - XTM shows source language terms as both source and target term when translation doesn't exist.

  • [TWC-1509] - XTM: Source term is displayed as Target term when there's no translation.


This hotfix enables accent sensitive search by default.


Due to limitations of MySQL 5.7 only 8.0 is currently supported.
Before updating please consider to update to MySQL 8.0 (11.01.2021).

TermWeb 4.0.6 (2 December 2020)

Feature requests

  • [TWC-1240] - Feature request: Exports - Update Excel version

    • Export speed is up to 5x faster.

    • Excel files are compressed up to 1/10 their earlier sizes.

    • Excel exports allow up to 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns per sheet.

  • [TWC-1327] - Feature request: Create menu filters for Workflows list to filter on Workflows for a specific dictionary and workflows task

    • Filterable workflows list.

  • [TWC-1429] - Reset user role mapping with Reset cache.

  • [TWC-1450] - Concept view UI small improvements

    • Edit buttons overlaps with warning text.

    • Comments icon adds empty line.

    • Concept ID and Term ID is always hidden

    • Hide fields of deleted Term. Restore strikethrough style on deleted Terms (previous versions had it).

  • [TWC-1452] - Show duplicate warning for possible duplicates within same Concept.

  • [TWC-1457] - Updating UI libraries to latest compatible versions

  • [TWC-1437] - German stemmer rules update

    • Makes it possible to enable "UniNE" (Light Stemming Approaches for the French, Portuguese, German and Hungarian Languages). This updates includes support of the following characters: 'ä','à','á','â','ö','ò','ó','ô','ï','ì','í','î','ü','ù','ú','û'.

      Implementation Note:

      api.stem.german.filter.factory.class key for configuration. By default configured to use

      To restore TermWeb 3 behaviour use:

      Two additional settings options to enable with: "" or "org.apache.lucene.analysis.snowball.SnowballPorterFilterFactory"


  • [TWC-1433] - Change default value for "" to false


  • [TWC-1071] - Norwegian & Vietnamese common regions updated

  • [TWC-1179] - Double relations show in result window in specific

  • [TWC-1193] - Workflows: E-mail notifications to "HTML Reports" do not show columns when reopening

  • [TWC-1210] - Copy term duplicates

  • [TWC-1324] - Duplicate check: Does not check against terms already in the Concept

  • [TWC-1428] - XTM - Metadata not displayed for source term

  • [TWC-1434] - Memory issues with termbases containing more than 10 millions of terms.

  • [TWC-1448] - Client info: Change "Total Active Users" to "Total User Accounts"

  • [TWC-1451] - Error in browser console on user logout

  • [TWC-1453] - Problem with showing domains when dictionary has more than 500 of domains.

  • [TWC-1461] - Term decoration not working with XTM when the name of a Concept-level field contains non letter characters (Ex ( ) < >).

TermWeb 4.0.5-hotfix9 (10 November 2020)


  • [TWC-1379] - 4-Byte UTF-8 Unicode Encoding. Support for non-BMP Unicode characters (like emojis and other supplementary characters).

  • [TWC-1256] - Feature request: Remove Quick Imports from Imports menu for non-admin users.

  • [TWC-1397] - OpenId login from non-XTM environments

  • [TWC-1334] - Porting of final changes of TermWeb 3 to TermWeb 4

  • [TWC-1407] - Automatic fixer for users created without membership in 'All users' group (mostly API logged in users)

  • [TWC-1397] - OpenId Connect support. See OpenId Connect Login.

  • [TWC-1430] - Configurable external login button. User data (full name, email, origin type and origin source) now stored when user created from API, OpenId, OIDC, SAML or TermWeb).


  • [TWC-1378] - Issues logging in as System Administrator after upgrade to 4.0.5

  • [TWC-1372] - Client selector non-functional for System Administrators in multitenant installations.

  • [TWC-1380] - Staging Areas not working for newly created dictionary.

  • [TWC-1381] - "Owner" visibility for Staging Areas missing.

  • [TWC-1385] - Issues logging in when loading a large dictionary in SearchView and other users are performing Staging Area jobs.

  • [TWC-1387] - Problem with Section Permissions.

  • [TWC-1386] - Adding search results to Staging Area non-functional.

  • [TWC-1390] - Project filter non-functional due to security check to non-administrator users.

  • [TWC-1391] - Issues updating group membership.

  • [TWC-1392] - Issues opening concept history when it contains changes to a deleted language.

  • [TWC-1388] - After failed login user might see incorrect login pages.

  • [TWC-1395] - TermWeb Integrator synchronization failing due to incorrect indexes.

  • [TWC-1396] - TermWeb Integrator cannot export concepts because permission check for sync settings.

  • [TWC-1158] - Incorrect symbols in specific language names and variants (Provençal, Gwich'in, Wolapük).

  • [TWC-1231] - Domains are duplicated in display for subsets of sub-domains.

  • [TWC-1383] - Issues with term decoration when API template is sharing Dictionary and Sections within same Dictionary.

  • [TWC-1398] - Terminology in XTM not displaying correctly due to error in OpenId login.

  • [TWC-1403] - Automatically create API group when it does not exists and is specified in

  • [TWC-1404] - Show proper message on API login when user is missing.

  • [TWC-1405] - API login made configurable to login API user as guest (ex via XTM terminology window).

  • [TWC-1406] - Make users created via API login part of “All users” group automatically.

  • [TWC-1410] - “Owner” visibility for Filters missing.

  • [TWC-1411] - Restore concept not available for concept history.

  • [TWC-1413] - Issues with cross-references not working.

  • [TWC-1414] - Search for Empty/Non empty Domain condition in Filter.

  • [TWC-1416] - Quick Filters list shown alphabetically

  • [TWC-1417] - Term decoration may work incorrectly for multitenant installation.

  • [TWC-1418] - Issues with restoring concept history.

  • [TWC-1419] - Cannot save Quick Filter as a normal filter.

  • [TWC-1421] - Staging Areas: User settings for Term- or Concept-level fields in Staging Areas not stored

  • [TWC-1422] - Workflows - Empty list of Permissions Schemes

  • [TWC-1440] - Concept drafts inaccessible in StagingArea after Dictionary structure change

Update actions for hotfix-9


If you’re upgrading from version less than 4.0.5-2 you need to do next actions:

  • Prior to start tomcat with new version update your database with next script:

    Code Block
    ALTER DATABASE `<scheme_name>` CHARACTER SET = utf8mb4 COLLATE = utf8mb4_general_ci;
    ALTER TABLE `schema_version` CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_general_ci;
    ALTER TABLE `schema_version` CHANGE `description` `description` varchar(200) CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_general_ci NOT NULL;
    ALTER TABLE `schema_version` CHANGE `installed_by` `installed_by` varchar(100) CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_general_ci NOT NULL;
    ALTER TABLE `schema_version` CHANGE `script` `script` varchar(1000) CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_general_ci NOT NULL;
    ALTER TABLE `schema_version` CHANGE `type` `type` varchar(20) CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_general_ci NOT NULL;
    ALTER TABLE `schema_version` CHANGE `version` `version` varchar(50) CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_general_ci NULL;

  • Modify database connection string by replacing characterEncoding=UTF8 with character_set_server=utf8mb4&connectionCollation=utf8mb4_general_ci in file.


If you need support of OpenId Connect you need to update your web server config. Check . You need to add new rule for /login-oidc urls.

TermWeb 4.0.5 (9 October 2020)



  • [TWC-1332] - Incorrect error message when using API login

  • [TWC-1373] - XTM can’t open Terminology window

  • [TWC-1375] - Certain metadata (dictionary, section, language) from TermWeb entries are not displayed in XTM term recognition

  • [TWC-1376] - Impossible to export dictionary with old attachments when file type is unsupported.

Update actions


If you’re upgrading from previous version and using OpenId integration with XTM (Terminology window) installed on domain different than you need to do next actions:

  • In file check that property allow.inside.iframe has value true.
    Add new property allow.inside.iframe.frameancestors with value like this: 'self' https://*
    Replace with your XTM installation url.
    This value will be included to response for OpenId authentication callback as CSP: frame-ancestors header (check docs on MDN).

TermWeb 4.0.4 (18 July 2020)

Improvements / Feature requests

  • [TWC-1197] - Duplicity term check

  • [TWC-1221] - Filters - Implement Empty / Not Empty for multiselect, picklist, date, number fields

  • [TWC-1313] - SSO login using SAML2 Identity provider


  • [TWC-1317] - After dictionary structure change or reindex staging areas remains locked

  • [TWC-1319] - Impossible to enter new license before license expiration.

TermWeb 4.0.3-hotfix2 (11 July 2020)

Improvements / Feature requests

  • [TWC-1264] - Feature request: Error message when using incorrect values for Picklists or Multivalue fields

  • [TWC-1286] - Unify icons and actions in Staging area

  • [TWC-1311] - Speedup bulk operations in Staging operation (publish, update field values, clear)

  • [TWC-1147] - Guest users settings stored in browser cache (it allows to work them concurrently)
                            Now administrators can disable Quick Filters, Filters, Search modes (domains, multifield search), Staging areas, Commenting for guest users

  • [TWC-1264] - Feature request: Don't allow to use incorrect values for Picklists or Multivalue fields

  • [TWC-1103] - Support of MySQL 8.0

  • [TWC-1295] - Support for Filipino language


  • [TWC-1184] - List of staging areas not showing on smaller screens

  • [TWC-1247] - Dictionaries: TermWeb treats spaces in Multi-value field values as separator

  • [TWC-1281] - Cross-references remain after target is deleted, causes fields to not be displayed in a few cases

  • [TWC-1303] - Incorrect calculation of concurrent guest count.

  • [TWC-1304] - Staging area is stuck in locked state after dictionary structure change.

  • [TWC-1305] - Term list showing RTL languages as LTR.

  • [TWC-1310] - Only half of drafts may be published from Staging area when it contains more than 50 records.

  • [TWC-1312] - When adding concepts to staging area is launched as job, client shows incorrect hint

TermWeb 4.0.3-hotfix1 (24 June 2020)


  • [TWC-1292] - Staging Areas: Selecting additional fields/languages to view are not rendered correctly

  • [TWC-1293] - New Filters / Quick Filters with Term criteria not functioning

  • [TWC-1294] - Impossible to view Term after failed save.

TermWeb 4.0.3 (19 June 2020)

Improvements / Feature requests

  • [TWC-1010] - Migrated View page to new UI

  • [TWC-1046] - Migrate Sections page to new UI

  • [TWC-1048] - Migrate Dictionary History page to new UI

  • [TWC-1050] - Migrate Language replace page to new UI

  • [TWC-1052] - Migrate Users page to new UI

  • [TWC-1062] - Migrate Group members page to new UI

  • [TWC-1054] - Migrate Import/Export users and groups

  • [TWC-1116] -  Migrate Guest settings page to new UI

  • [TWC-1056] - Migrate Clients page to new UI

  • [TWC-1058] - Migrate License page to new UI

  • [TWC-1168] -  Provide urls to old pages on new UI
    -- Automatic upgrade tasks

  • [TWC-1042] - Migrate TermWeb home folder (work folder, temp folder, logs, etc)

  • [TWC-1039] - Migrate file attachments to ref links on TermWeb upgrade

  • [TWC-1040] - Migrate AccessEditor settings to PermissionSchemes

  • [TWC-1041] - Add milliseconds to history item on TermWeb upgrade
    -- Other UI enhancements

  • [TWC-433]  - Regex validation for field value

  • [TWC-1012] - Add to staging area-message on hovering

  • [TWC-1022] - Show the reason why View can't be deleted

  • [TWC-1101]  - Feature Request: Improve inconsistent Staging Area icons

User Bugs

  • [TWC-1024] - No possible to edit file in File Repository

  • [TWC-1187] - Editing concept. Text written before Save is truncated

    • Only in Firefox.

Administrator Bugs (single tenant)

  • [TWC-1007] - Section sort order not yet functioning

  • [TWC-1019] - Import causes client crash on completion

  • [TWC-1023] - Crash on import to existing dictionary

  • [TWC-1079] - Workflows - Copied Workflow removed second condition in list of conditions

    • Was fixed with TWC-1075 that was deployed 4.0.2 hotfix3.

  • [TWC-1113] - Guest accounts - "Automatic (when client is specified in URL)" not working correctly

  • [TWC-1181] - After saving a change to User Group Filter or View, user is presented with empty "Group" list

  • [TWC-1204] - Bugs in workflows related to date fields

  • [TWC-1211] - Existing dictionaries still have issues with deleting domains

System Administrator Bugs (multitenant)

  • [TWC-1028] - Crash when creating client

  • [TWC-1029] - Login with multiclient user is not working to secondary client

  • [TWC-1169] - Cannot log in as admin to newly created client

  • [TWC-1189] - Inactivated Clients still displayed in Client Selector

Developer Bugs

  • [TWC-1107] - Termweb client loads history four times for Concept instead of one

Migrated server bugs

  • [TWC-1109] - Migration bugs (compilation)

  • [TWC-1190] - Migrated Filters referring to username are switched with id

TermWeb  4.0.2-hotfix8 (12 June 2020)

  • [TWC-1107] - Termweb UI client loads history four times for Concept instead of one (performance issue)

  • [TWC-1160] - Export throws to blank page when attachments included to it.

  • [TWC-1187] - Editing concept. Text written before Save is truncated (Firefox issue)

  • [TWC-1204] - Bugs in workflows related to date fields

TermWeb  4.0.2-hotfix7 (8 May 2020)

User Bugs

  • [TWC-994] - Impossible to delete ConceptDrafts from old staging area created in previous version of TermWeb

    • Some Concepts that were still in a Staging Area after a hotfix update couldn't be removed.

  • [TWC-1177] - TBX data category values shown in camelCase

    • TBX-values will now display values as determined in Dictionary structure when viewing Concepts in the SearchView. Replaced TBX-values, those with a "(TBX)" tag, will still export their TBX-data value in exported files.

  • [TWC-1202] - Publishing a new concept from Staging area does´not publish concept

    • Concepts created in Staging Areas would not publish, and therefore create, new concepts.

Administrator Bugs

  • [TWC-1032] - Scheduled jobs crash

    • Scheduled jobs would crash the client under certain circumstances.

  • [TWC-1104] - Error on Dictionary reindex after changing dictionary structure

    • Reindexing Dictionary directly after dictionary restructuring would sometimes cause errors.

  • [TWC-1132] - Domains: Error message when trying to delete domains

    • When deleting a domain that still had Concepts belonging to it, TermWeb would return an error.

  • [TWC-1143] - Workflows: Render Term field

    • The "Term" field can now be rendered Read-only or Hidden for the Workflow Task: Edit Term.

  • [TWC-1176] - Can't delete applied Filter / Views to User Group

    • Fixed a bug where applied Filters or Views could only be changed but not deleted.

  • [TWC-1192] - Accessing API Templates results in client crash

    • API Templates are exclusive function for XTM & memoQ integration.

  • [TWC-1205] - TermWeb becomes unresponsive after long uptime

    • Fixed memory leak that slowed servers.

  • [TWC-1206] - Deleting Client deletes Staging Areas for other clients

    • Only affected multitenant servers. When deleting a Client from the server, TermWeb would delete all Staging Areas on the server that the System Administrator was currently logged onto.

TermWeb  4.0.2-hotfix6 (16 April 2020)


  • [TWC-1095] - Concept-level Date fields show 00:00 timestamp

  • [TWC-1120] - Staging Areas - Multivalue field values not displaying fully while editing

  • [TWC-1139] - Selecting text in a field to replace it moves cursor to end of text

  • [TWC-1141] - Restoration of changes not working when field contains reflink

  • [TWC-1144] - Date fields with a set date can't be deleted or nulled

  • [TWC-1145] - APISyncSetting filter remains in system after deletion of setting.

  • [TWC-1149] - Users: Setting any date for "Expires on" causes user to be expired

  • [TWC-1152] - Double-byte languages having difficulty with input

  • [TWC-1155] - Incorrect filter operators for Date fields

  • [TWC-1165] - Cannot use same workflow name in different clients on the same server


  • [TWC-1154] - Show number of matching concepts in filter list.

TermWeb  4.0.2-hotfix5 (20 March 2020)


  • [TWC-1037] - XTM - API Templates: Sections not functioning at all

  • [TWC-1083] - Fixing broken cross-references points to terms that don't exist or terms in another dictionary.

  • [TWC-1096] - Editing external links with question marks deletes four characters in a sentence

  • [TWC-1098] - Staging areas disappeared (not being rendered by UI).

  • [TWC-1102] - Single character wildcard in TW4 search. Using '?' instead of single of characters.

  • [TWC-1112] - User Groups - Dictionaries added to User Group not displayed.

  • [TWC-1122] - Test button is visible when creating Filters in Search Modes > Filter.

  • [TWC-1124] - Changes to term are lost when you edit another term in SearchView.

  • [TWC-1127] - Cannot re-use a deleted Filter or Staging Area name.

  • [TWC-1131] - Cross-reference using "Link is referring to: Concept" does not work

  • [TWC-1134] - SearchView: Clicking Save icon multiple times creates term duplicates when adding terms.

  • [TWC-1135] - Workflows: Links in E-mail digests with HTML Reports were using TW3 URL.

  • [TWC-1137] - Filter names are reserved for the entire server. Now Filters are reserved only per client.

  • [TWC-1140] - Concept level fields using Date are pre-filled with todays date and are included in a save. Date fields are now blank per default.

TermWeb  4.0.2-hotfix4 (20 February 2020)


  • [TWC-1110] - Workflow conditions - Workflows using Empty or Not Empty Conditions were not being saved correctly

    • Any text field has the Empty / Not Empty Condition available to it.

  • [TWC-1111 ] - Workflow conditions - "Field change" condition does not detect changes in Concept-level fields

TermWeb  4.0.2-hotfix3 (29 January 2020)


  • [TWC-1067] - Deleted terms still in export

  • [TWC-1069] - Edit Concept and Edit Term removed Region value for all terms

  • [TWC-1070] - Add term removed Region value for any earlier added terms

  • [TWC-1075] - Workflows - Last condition in workflows is removed when saving

  • [TWC-1080] - Mail digest based on time didn't work

  • [TWC-1081] - API Sync Settings: Filter on "Concept" is not saved, reverts to "Term"

    • API Sync settings is an administrative feature available the System menu. Only applicable for customers with the SDL Trados Studio integration.

  • [TWC-1082] - Error page after successful dictionary import.

TermWeb  4.0.2-hotfix2 (22 January 2020)


  • [TWC-1074] - Cannot create new clients on multi-tenant servers

    • Feature only available to customers with own server and multi-tenant solution.

TermWeb  4.0.2-hotfix1 (20 January 2020)

New Features

  • [TWC-1073] - API Synchronisation settings now able to filter out only terms

    • API Sync settings is an administrative feature available the System menu. Only applicable for customers with the SDL Trados Studio integration.


  • [TWC-1064] - Session closes unexpectedly after deleting user via administration

  • Proper user group session timeout editing

  • Domain editing in concept view UI aligning

TermWeb  4.0.2 (18 December 2019)

New Features

  • [TWC-325] - Top right menu open on hover not click

  • [TWC-411] - Autologin to different clients support for guest

  • [TWC-754] - Regions in Filters should be a picklist

  • [TWC-894] - API lang sync settings (administrators can configure which languages available for synchronization with SDL Multiterm)

  • [TWC-896] - New interface for user groups page

  • [TWC-986] - Support import of file attachments from TermWeb3 in TermWeb4.

  • [TWC-991] - Guest should not be able to edit any filter except the Quick Filter

  • [TWC-995] - Speedup TBX import (now it's possible to import 200k concepts in an hour on average hardware)

  • [TWC-1002] - About page (contains information about TermWeb version and link to user documentation)

  • [TWC-1006] - API v4 documentation available in swagger format.

  • [TWC-1008] - Find entries with empty fields or non empty.

  • [TWC-1009] - Optimize search performance when working with Big dictionary (TermWeb can handle work in languages with over 1 million of entries)


  • [TWC-935] - Separate sessions for Guest accounts

  • [TWC-983] - Automatic (Always) login for Guest accounts feature should not be available for multi-tenant clients

  • [TWC-660] - Proper hints for options of automerge in grid

  • [TWC-728] - Remove colouring in grid

  • [TWC-951] - Remove double loading of user data after login.

  • [TWC-914] - No term list in "Add cross reference" window in IE11

  • [TWC-936] - Guest account Filters are not temporary

  • [TWC-955] - Multivalue fields selected values not visible

  • [TWC-957] - Support iframe rendering for XTM integration

  • [TWC-964] - Suggestion: "Expand" symbol in Domain field (Edit Concept)

  • [TWC-944] - TW4 bug: multi-select field values not persisting

  • [TWC-948] - Importing to File Repository does not recognise duplicates

  • [TWC-953] - List of users cached and shows list from different client (multitenant environment)

  • [TWC-958] - TermWeb failing on update in Administrator Tools

  • [TWC-959] - Impossible to edit Concept / Domain in Firefox

  • [TWC-960] - Cannot import Users and Groups file earlier exported from from TermWeb 3

  • [TWC-961] - Scheduled jobs and Administrator tools are not available for specific client admin

  • [TWC-963] - Searching for objects in File repository using one character gives result 4 but none visible

  • [TWC-967] - XTM integration sends terms to wrong dictionary

  • [TWC-969] - Impossible to remove Picklist field value

  • [TWC-970] - Delete Term does not update Concept Window and Termlist

  • [TWC-972] - Regions not displaying correctly in GridView and not able to batch edit Region values

  • [TWC-974] - User without any Permissions not able to log-in and does not receive any warning message

  • [TWC-976] - Filter information remains

  • [TWC-979] - Deleting domain - Warning comes after deleting the domain

  • [TWC-980] - TW4 Problem with Create user

  • [TWC-981] - List of Groups in Group members not updating with new groups

  • [TWC-984] - Saving created by-filter

  • [TWC-987] - TBX export doubles terms in final xml document

  • [TWC-989] - SearchView-button not appearing in some parts of the Administration menu

  • [TWC-990] - GridView - Batch editing multi-valued fields does not apply values

  • [TWC-992] - Deleting Dictionaries does not delete related API Sync Settings

  • [TWC-996] - Login page working incorrectly

  • [TWC-999] - Term not visible after importing dictionary with one concept

  • [TWC-1000] - Importing Users and User Groups-file (.xml) from TW3 crashes session in TW4

  • [TWC-1001] - Digest setting for time in Workflow E-mails is not saved

  • [TWC-1005] - Term Level Field Values not showing correctly

  • [TWC-1013] - Searching in file repository

  • [TWC-1030] - Different login screens after logout

  • [TWC-1031] - Left on log in screen

  • [TWC-1033] - API Synch Settings are using the intersection of all Filters and Languages from different Sync Settings

  • [TWC-1035] - Staging Areas - Deleting a user with a Staging Area seems to delete all Staging Areas

TermWeb  4.0.1 (21 October 2019)


  • [TWC-903] - B2: Cannot use comma in picklist values

  • [TWC-904] - B2: Attachments and fields with attachments are not exported

  • [TWC-905] - B2: Cannot create a filter with "Contains" / "Not Contains"

  • [TWC-908] - B2: Problems with staging area (cross references)

  • [TWC-909] - B2: Problems with TBX export

  • [TWC-912] - B2: Add a confirmation dialog before discarding changes

  • [TWC-913] - Scrolling to term in term list broken.

  • [TWC-923] - Staging area search language selector is hidden

  • [TWC-924] - Cant hide fields in staging area when view is applied

  • [TWC-926] - Concept relations shows term from different languages when dictionary has language with custom code

  • [TWC-927] - Not all TBX fields has column label in Grid

  • [TWC-928] - Quickfilter popup again outside of window

  • [TWC-929] - After editing filter in SearchView indexing dialog shown for infinite time

  • [TWC-930] - Dictionary not visible in SearchView after import

  • [TWC-931] - Can't delete dictionary when it has related private Staging areas.

  • [TWC-932] - "Copy term"-terms are not saved to Concept

  • [TWC-933] - Editing a Cross-reference leaves a String-stub next to the cross reference

  • [TWC-934] - Copy Concept-feature does not save certain Concept-level fields

  • [TWC-940] - Staging area adding search lang impossible

  • [TWC-942] - Copy dictionary error

  • [TWC-946] - TW4: Entries remain open in background

  • [TWC-949] - Cannot edit language after Dictionary creation.


  • [TWC-919] - Attachment issues

  • [TWC-950] - Remove messages and notifications from Profile page.


  • [TWC-947] - Catch errors on dictionary deletion