Login Types

TermWeb supports various login options and various login types. This document explains all login types in detail from the perspective of the user and the perspective of technical specifications and session management.

  1. Standard Login - Normal web-based login, supporting permission schemes, user groups and various other settings. Permissions apply regardless the login option.

  2. Guest Login - Automatic and non-automatic web-based login for guests with no edit permissions.

  3. API Login - XML-RPC and SOAP Service login options, mainly used for integrations. Used in MemoQ and SDL WorldServer integration.

  4. API Key Login - SOAP Service login option, using an authentication key per client. Allows automatic creation of the user when missing from TermWeb. Used in XTM Integration during synchronisation.

  5. OpenId Login - Authentication through an OpenId Service Provider. Also used in XTM Integration.

  6. SAML Login - Authentication through a SAML Identity Provider (IdP). Also allows automatic creation of the user when missing from TermWeb.

XTM integration is currently using API Key Login for Synchronisation of templates and when using the translation editor. Also it is using OpenId Login when accessing TermWeb through the Terminology tab.