API Key Login

API Key in Client Details

The API Key is a 40-character random alphanumeric, which identifies a client and authenticates a user for this client when logging in using the API.
In Client Details, an API Key is automatically created upon saving the client.
After saving a client, it is possible to see the API Key in Client Details page.

API Key in Client Info Menu Item

A new menu item has been created, called Client Info viewable only to users with Admin rights.

This menu shows the following Client Info  for the current client of the logged user.

Login with API Key SOAP Service

A new way to login has been introduced, using only the API Key and a username.
This feature has been implemented in Authentication Endpoint as the SOAP Service loginWithApiKey.
The API Key identifies the client to use during the login session and authenticates the user for this client, without the need of a password.
If the user does not exist, he/she gets automatically created.